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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that anyone who has the interest and perseverence can learn to draw and paint. My goal is to make the experience as positive as possible so that students can eventually fly on their own.

In all of my courses, I cover colour theory, information on pigments and safety, various mediums, composition, techniques, references to art history and drawing ― basically the whole gamut of information necessary for you to achieve your vision ― or at least begin your journey in this wonderful world of art.

Important for you to know: I do not correct on students' work -- I use my own surface to show what I mean. I also do not expect students to copy my work or style. You are all individual and your work will reflect that!




Acrylic paint is the most versatile paint available. With the various consistencies from acrylic inks to super-heavy body paints that retain all the texture you put on the surface, along with the multiple choices of mediums and additives, you can achieve all sorts of wonderful things. Compared to traditional paints, you can get both watercolour effects and oil paint effects.

My classes include all levels of students and I help people work on their own projects, be it an abstraction, a representational original work, multimedia, or an advanced decorative project.



Watercolour can be quite a challenging medium, but the results are well worth the effort. Classes are composed of alternately working on your own pieces, or working on a still-life that I have set up. I demonstrate techniques regularly and re-do so as often as needed. For beginners, I have everyone do an easy, monochromatic landscape in order to begin the process of familiarizing you with various techniques and the stages of the wetness of the paper, as well as the strength of the pigments. 


Ahhh! The basis of all pictorial art! At one point we often realize that learning to draw or improving our skills just really helps our painting, even if hyper-realism is not on our agenda. This course is designed to help you learn to see. I often repeat: Prepare to never be bored again! 

Course content does not include models, so there is no portrait instruction or figure drawing per se (it often does creep in, though!). If you are drawing from a photo, I can help. The course does include perspective. Homework is assigned. Doing the homework is up to you. I promise not to rap your knuckles if you don't do it. But, as with all skills, practice makes perfect!

Classes, Workshops, Talks

Sessions in Dorval take place beginning in September and January. However, with the restrictions due to COVID 19, indoor classes are suspended for now.

I also teach classes outdoors during the summer, weather permitting.

Summer outdoor drawing sessions: taking names now by email at Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 12:00. Pay-as-you-go. $20. I give receipts at the end of the summer if you wish.


I also give talks on art historical subjects and am available to conduct workshops.


Available talks: "The Baroque Period," "Picasso's Les Desmoiselles d'Avignon: its importance," and "Colour: Everything you need to Know about pigment properties, quality, safety, harmonies and palettes." 



Please contact me if you are interested in any of my courses, talks or workshops.

The following sessions are 10 weeks long:

Dorval Cultural Centre (Sarto Desnoyers) on Thursdays, morning class from 9 to noon or afternoon from 1 to 4. See the Dorval Artists' Association site for prices. 

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